The Majolly Project

The debut album 'Please'

A sneak peak with the title track

 The Majolly Project Playlist

Watch both "White Bone", "Dark Room", "The Other Side" and "Fenced Circle" tracks in the following playlist.


Track: Dark Room

How does music speak to you? How does music connect with you? How does it express what you feel inside? Can the music be You?

Dark Room is the award winning debut single to introduce you into The Majolly Project's personal world that deals with deep personal experiences within and without, with an intention to draw raw emotion out into the open.

Songwriter:Neecia Majolly
Vocals/Piano:Neecia Majolly
Concept & Design: Headless Hippies
Recorded,Mixed and Mastered by Praveen Francis at Taala Studios, Bangalore (India)

Track: Whitebone

Talking about the disturbing yet urgent issue of ivory poaching, 'Whitebone' is the explosive second single of The Majolly Project, with powerful lead vocals by Neecia Majolly (who IS The Majolly Project).

Track: The Other Side

Raw emotion. Nothing less. This is the third single from The Majolly Project.

Track: Fenced Circle

The powerful fourth single.