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The Majolly Project

Dark Room

by The Majolly Project

Released 2015
Released 2015
A deeply personal song for vocals and piano, The Majolly Project suggests that you listen to this in a dark room, alone.
How does music speak to you? How does music connect with you? How does it express what you feel inside? Can the music be You?

Comprising three passionate musicians with varied musical backgrounds (Western Classical, Indian Classical, Pop, Fusion, Thrash Metal) , The Majolly Project (TMP) deals with deep personal experiences within and without, with an intention to draw raw emotion out into the open.

With Ashwin Shekhar on percussion, Anish Thomas Panikkar on keyboards/programming , and frontswoman / songwriter / arranger Neecia Majolly, every member’s unique music sensibilities and performance experiences delivers a unique sound they call CEPR (Classical Electronic and Progressive Rock).

DarK Room is our first single to introduce you into our personal world.

Songwriter:Neecia Majolly
Vocals/Piano:Neecia Majolly
Concept & Design: Headless Hippies
Recorded,Mixed and Mastered by Praveen Francis at Taala Studios, Bangalore (India)