The Majolly Project

The Majolly Project cover photo  A state of commotion, a disturbance and a bother.



    Neecia sat at her dining table, in her rented one-room apartment in New Delhi, feverishly writing her first song. After all, Music is the best language the world has ever known. Shaken by what she read about the senseless slaughter of elephants for their tusks, her tears, anger and frustration flowed as music and words on her manuscript paper.

The Majolly Project cover photo

    Since then, and after moving to Bangalore, the songwriter in Neecia wrote and composed her scars, pain, anguish and anger. Her songs truly conveyed what she felt about society, politics and the intricacies of the human mind.

    More songs materialized externalizing her internal turmoil, but the hunt for musicians bore little fruit. Till date.

    Neecia began her Rockstar journey despite the odds and made The Majolly Project happen. Suddenly, The Majolly Project exploded onto the music scene and became Winner of two Gold Medals for Best Emerging Artist and Best Song (June 2015) at the Global Music Awards (GMA), and Nominee for Rock Song of the Year 2015 by the International Music and Entertainment Awards Association (IMEA) with their debut single “Dark Room” barely one and a half months since its release. The third single 'The Other Side' was also nominated in 2016 at the 4th IMEA awards. The recent accolades for the second single “WhiteBone” has pushed The Majolly Project to newer heights in the International Music scenario - Two silver medals at the Global Music Awards for Best Song and Best Video (September 2015) and Best Alternative Rock Video at the Akademia Awards in Hollywood (January 2016).Now with the Studio Artiste herself along with session musicians, The Majolly Project (TMP) is a borne out of the undying passion for Music and the strong belief to communicate.

The Majolly Project

    However, the frontswoman / songwriter / arranger of TMP, Studio Artiste Neecia Majolly has other facets of talent. Acclaimed as one of India’s finest pianists, she is also a conductor, singer, teacher and composer, who has emerged as one of the most dynamic musical forces in India. She has performed at venues across India, South East Asia, Sweden and Australia. She has had her musical education in Brunei and Singapore and went on to do her degree in Music from the Western Australian Conservatorium, Perth. An accomplished Director of two choirs that she founded, Neecia Majolly also has the distinction of releasing the first ever Western  Classical Music album in the country in 2009 ‘the renaissance begins’. She is believed to be the first Indian Western Classical Pianist to have a piano album released by Universal Audio, USA. She is the Founder-Trustee of The Majolly Music Trust (www.majollymusictrust.org)

    With her music sensibilities across genres and her insightful observation on day-to-day things, Neecia Majolly through TMP aims at producing an unique sound which she calls CEPR (Classical Electronic and Progressive Rock Genre). The Music stirs the soul, speaks and makes you think.  

    After all, Music is the best language the world has ever known.